UEC Stock: Uranium Energy Corp. Could Very Well Have Nuclear Growth In 2015: Fundamental And Algorithmic Analysis


  • The most current exploration projects and reduced operations in the United States, awaiting the inevitable uranium price recovery.UEC stock
  • The supply and demand paradox in which expected demand is high, expected supply is low, and prices are dropping.
  • Company finances, historical analysis, demand expectations, external analysts’ opinions, and investment potential summaries.
  • State-of-the-art algorithmic analysis of the stock, supported by a further study of the World Uranium Total Return Index and Market Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF.
  • Investment projections and risks.

Algorithmic Analysis of UEC Stock

We use a historical indicator known as predictability in order to measure the confidence level. The current average predictability level in the short and long horizon is 0.45, which means that in any market condition, the algorithm is able to predict the assets’ direction with a 72.5% accuracy rate. This is useful when the signal strength – our strength and direction indicator – is relatively low and in the range of 5-10. The current signal, however, is very strong, and as of the 18th of March, 2015, is 123 in the 3- and 1-year horizons. This is at the top 10 percentile of the entire small cap universe, and increases the confidence level by a roughly estimated 8-15%.

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