The I Know First Family Office Solution


The I Know First Family Office Solution is an exclusive forecast designed to provide Family Offices with a competitive advantage utilizing our advanced self-learning algorithm.

Our Financial Advisor solution offers the following benefits:

  1. Best assets designated by the market prediction system specified precisely for your selected markets of interest & strategy. You will receive the top stocks with the strongest signal according to your set variables, rules, and conditions. We can set almost any parameters you would like on the forecast table.
  1. A unique customized forecast made specifically for you (both hardware and software). It will include your specific assets regardless of their position on the prediction table (They don’t need to be in the top 10 or bottom 10). You can further base them on a variety of factors such as liquidity, geographic location, market cap, volatility, dividends and more. We will work with you closely to customize the prediction table for best performance with your portfolio, with hardware designed to keep the system optimized to your trading environment.
  1. Family Offices are able to adjust their portfolio free of charge, we will add or subtract stocks from your forecast table according to your changing needs.

For further details please fill out our contact form and we will have an analyst get back to you as soon as possible.