YHOO Stock Prediction: Patience Is The Key With Yahoo (YHOO)

YHOO Stock Prediction: Summary

  • With the recent fall in the stock price, patience remains the key to investing in Yahoo.yhoo stock prediction
  • The price remains to be undervalued, even more so now that investors are concerned about statements from an IRS official.
  • These comments change nothing about the Alibaba spin off.
  • I Know First algorithm is bullish on Yahoo as a long-term investment.

Algorithmic Analysis

The algorithm's belief that the stock price is currently undervalued fits with the fundamental analysis of the company as well as with that of market analysts. The current price is way too low and there's significant upside potential for this stock with very little risk. The recent comments from the IRS should not harm Yahoo's attempts to spin off the company and concerns were far overblown. Even though the stock slightly recovered some of its losses already, it is still trading below where it was and should be higher than that, even. Along with the rapid growth of the mobile business, patient investors should buy Yahoo at the current prices.

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