AMAT Stock Forecast: An Interesting Portfolio Expansion With Growth Potential

AMAT Stock Forecast

  • The company took part in the series B funding round for RayVio, a leading UV LED solutions company.amat stock forecast
  • The company’s healthcare solutions might prove to be a huge growth assets in the long run, and a very smart investment today.
  • Both algorithm and analysts agree this is a bullish investment.
The stock has shown very solid and stable growth since 2012, at a time in which it traded at around $10 a share. Recently the price dropped from $25 to $22.5, representing a decline of 10% in the last month and a half. This presents a solid entry point for a long term value investment in Applied Materials. The recent dip could also benefit for an upward correction, which is indicated by the 1 month bullish signals of the algorithm. This investment in RayVio represents the 62nd company the venture group has invested in during the last 10 years, for a total capital investment of $190 million.

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