In The News: I Know First Showcasing Cutting-Edge Predictive Solutions in Fintech Taipei 2022

I Know First participated in the Fintech Taipei 2022, in Taiwan. Yaron Golgher, I Know First’s CEO & Co-Founder showcased cutting-edge AI predictive solutions to identify the best investment opportunities in the local stock market in Taiwan and in more than 50 stock markets all over the globe. During the roadshow and side events local banks, family offices, and wealth management firms were able to get to know the company and the technology that can help them improve their investment process.

FinTech Taipei 2022 is Taiwan’s first public welfare fund for fintech development, becoming a model for fintech exchange, cooperation, and innovation, aiming for economies of scale through cross-industry integration. I Know First was honored to share its cutting-edge technology for the capital markets during the 3 days of the event.

I Know First