Aggressive Stocks Predictions: Real-life Success Story Amid Market Chaos


  • Market volatility and chaos pushes investors to either take greater risks or go into safe assets zone in 2020
  • Aggressive stocks outstand from the market providing higher returns far above the S&P 500
  • AI-powered stock predictive algorithm enabled I Know First client to create aggressive stocks portfolios to outperform market 7 times within 3 months

How Risky is the Stock Market Nowadays?

aggressive stocks predictions

Have you ever imagined 2020 to be that risky and aggressive stocks strategies to become popular more than ever before? Looking back to January 2020, many market players now are not feeling well about diversification or following the Wall street gurus’ strategies, like Warren Buffet, who invested for the long term into ‘real’ economy sectors. While the whole world was going into closures and various economy sectors were seizing operations as the global pandemic was gaining momentum in March, we at I Know First we perfecting our AI predictive algorithm to identify the Coronavirus

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