I Know First Live Forecast Evaluation: Based On New Global Volatility Adjusted Approach

Top S&P 500 Stocks

Executive Summary

As of December 2018, I Know First finished a performance evaluation of the live AI-based predictive forecasts for the new S&P 500 stock strategy sent to customers. This evaluation clearly demonstrates the consistent out-performance of I Know First’s forecasts vs the S&P 500 index and previous stock picking methods. This evaluation is part of our continuous studies of live I Know First’s AI predictive algorithm performance.

S&P 500 Highlights:

  • Selecting the S&P 500 stocks with only the top 5 adjusted signal strength provides the highest return consistently beating other filters for each time horizon.
  • There is a clear correlation between the length of the time horizon and the return as the length increases the accuracy and performance of the I Know First algorithm dramatically improves.
  • For the three-month time horizon all signal filters outperform the benchmark with the top 5 signal providing a return of 42% more than the benchmark.

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