Ranking the Top 10 Worldwide Stock Exchanges: US Exchanges Maintain Strong Lead, Asian Exchanges Appear Poised For Big Jump

Ranking the Top 10 Worldwide Stock Exchanges: US Exchanges Maintain Strong Lead, Asian Exchanges Appear Poised For Big Jump

Executive Summary

  • The current status of the top 10 stock exchanges show a varying path to prosperity for each
  • Ongoing success of all exchanges YTD suggest an economic revival across the globe despite lackluster global economic data
  • Future wealth projections suggest a movement in the rankings could come in the near future, particularly in favor of Asian exchanges

(Data sources: Google Finance, Stock Exchange Websites, Value Walk, The Modest Wallet, World Federation of Exchanges) 

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I Know First At AXS: Australian Securities Exchange

I Know First in Australia

CEO Yaron Golgher at the ASX

Another important appointment for I Know First after attending the FinTech festival in Singapore, was attending a series of appointments as part of the Israeli delegation of FinTechs in Australia. Over these appointments’ CEO Yaron Golgher was engaged between Sydney and Melbourne in a series of meetings with banks, investment companies, insurance institutions and also at ASX, the Australian Stock Exchange.

I Know First attended the opening and closing speech of Rabobank Australia CEO Peter Knoblanche, a Dutch multinational company that provides banking and financial services, it is a bank oriented to sustainability. The last of these events took place at the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the main stock exchange in the Australian financial market in the presence of the CEO, Dominic Stevens.

I know First presented its trading product in front of the representatives of different institutions. The first being, Macquarie Group one of the most important Australian banking groups. Its speciality is diversification services ranging from banking, asset management and finance. The AI solutions ​​that I know First offer were also illustrated at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, one of the “big four” Australian banks, it is the largest bank in the southern hemisphere, with commercial activities in New Zealand, Fiji, Asia, United States and the United Kingdom. I Know First also presented at the NAB Banking Institute, the largest Australian investment bank working with small, medium and large companies and Bupa Australia / New Zealand, part of the Bupa Group, one of the leading international health organisations.


ASX Australian Securities Exchange

The Australian stock exchange is headquartered in Sydney. The Exchange as we know it today was created merging  the Australian Stock Exchange and Sydney Futures Exchange in 1999. The assets exchanged in ASX are several: Shares, Indices, Bonds, Hybrid securities, ETFs and other ETPs, Managed funds, Warrants, Options, Index derivatives, Interest rate derivatives, and more. I Know First approached the Australian market through its Package – Australian Stocks category of the “By Country” category

Press Release: Artist Personally Thanks I Know First for Contribution in Fortune Tellers

Press Release

Press release: Shanghai, China September 21st, 2016 to October 11th, 2016– FinTech company “I Know First” took part in "Fortune Tellers" interactive artwork at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, China, exhibit allowed participants the 'feel' of being part of the financial market. Artist  


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