Unpacking the Ins and Outs of a Chaotic System – How Can We Predict it

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  • What is Chaos Theory?
  • Earthquakes – An example of a Natural Chaotic System
  • Randomness vs Chaos 
  • What makes a Chaotic System a Chaotic System
  • Modeling a Chaotic System
  • Can We Really Predict the Stock Market? Psychology of Trading and Feedback Loops

What is Chaos Theory?

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In a chaotic system like weather, a tiny change can make a huge impact. Weather is predicted a few days in advance because small changes in input can produce dramatically different results. 

The most commonly used example to explain chaos theory is the butterfly effect. It says that a butterfly flapping its wings on one end of the world can give rise to a hurricane in another part of the world. It sounds bizarre but it illustrates the huge impact small changes in the factors can have on the outcome. 

Without going into too much mathematical details, I would like to briefly explain how

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BlackBerry Stock Predictions: BlackBerry Could Lead In Automotive-Security-As-A-Service Subscription Business

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BBRY Stock Prediction

  • BlackBerry is reported to be testing an anti-hack/security service for vehicles.
  • Luxury car makers Aston Martin and Range Rover are testing BlackBerry’s service that can scan idle cars for viruses and other security threats.
  • Automotive security is definitely an important service that people will gladly pay for to help keep their connected/smart cars safe.
  • BlackBerry’s brand power and long history of providing the best enterprise security services could help it gain a foothold in the Automotive- Security-as-a-Service industry.
  • BBRY has buy signals from the near and long-term market trend algorithmic forecasts of I Know First.

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