Plug Stock Prediction: Electric Buses Vs. Fuel Cell Buses: Plug Power Has A Stake In The Winner


  • Public transportation systems are slowly integrating hybrid diesel-electric, full electric and fuplug stock priceel cell buses.
  • Both technologies hold promise with advantages and disadvantages.
  • Plug Power should be able to benefit from buses as the largest transportation fuel cell player in the US.
  • Algorithmic analysis is bullish on Plug Power in the 1-month, 3-month and 1-year time horizons.

 Algorithmic Analysis

The stock is now down 65% in 1-year and 15% in the last 3 months. We believe that this 15% represents the downside risk over the next year, and has a fairly high chance of materializing. However in the long term the stock's upside potential is huge. Fuel cell technology had a hard time being noticed as much of the earlier development was focused on competing with batteries and solar alternatives.

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