NOK Stock Predictions: Can The Phoenix Rise Again?


  • NOK Stock PredictionsIncreasing revenue via signing rewarding royalty contracts with major mobile phone companies.
  • Partnership with India’s largest mobile phone manufacturer.
  • All set on re-entering the mobile phone manufacturing market in 2016.
  • Analysts are confidently predicting NOK's share to rise.
  • I Know First’s algorithm is bullish on Nokia.
I Know First's algorithmic analysis echoes the bullish stance of the fundamental analysis - particularly in the long-run. Both set of analyses indicate that there is currently a profitable opportunity for investors with long-term strategies who could see a phoenix-esque return of Nokia.

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Nokia Stock Forecast: 67.69% Since Our Bullish Article

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) stock price has increased by 67.69% since I Know First published a bullish article for the company on Seeking Alpha. The article predicted that even though today's Nokia will be far different from yesterday's, Nokia shows great promise to become a major player in the telecommunications equipment industry.

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Nokia Stock Forecast

Nokia Stock Forecast: Buy Nokia Before The Rebound (NOK)

At this point in time, Nokia Corporation (NOK) is a company worth considering opening a position in. The stock price has fallen 8.5% since its earnings report, and is down 12.7% year-to-date. The decreased stock price is a result of a decline in operating profit in the Networks core division, which fell 61% from a year earlier, and concerns about the company’s proposed acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent (ALU). However, the Networks division will turn around during the rest of the year and the company’s planned sale of HERE, its mapping unit, will help the company’s performance and make the stock bullish in the long-term. Nokia Stock Forecast