NFLX Stock Forecast: A Good Buy In The Long Run

The article was written by Jessica Kremer - Analyst at I Know First.


  • Netflix has invested millions into their technology and development costs, allowing them to create original content and a better customer viewing experience.
  • The company grew by 10.1 million subscribers in this quarter, even beating out top estimates, and fueling my buy verdict.
  • Netflix holds strong financials and with the dramatic increases in revenue and operating income this quarter, I am confident the company will only continue to grow.

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NFLX Stock Forecast: Netflix Is Keeping Up Through Content Creation


This article was written by Julia Masch, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.



  • A Phenomenal Recovery In The Third Quarter
  • Content Creation To Combat A Saturated Streaming Landscape
  • Current I Know First Bullish Forecast For NFLX

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NFLX Stock Prediction: 86.28% Increase Since Our Bullish Algorithmic Forecast

NFLX Stock Prediction

Netflix, Inc.'s stock price has increased 86.28% since January 9th, 2015, when I Know First published its first bullish article for the company on Seeking Alpha, in 2015. Since then, I Know First published three other articles maintaining the bullish forecast on January 21st, April 16th and May 6th, and the stock price continued to climb another 10.16% already since the latest one.

nflx stock prediction

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