Netflix Stock Forecast: Netflix Is Still A Good Value: An Algorithmic Analysis (NFLX)

Netflix Stock Forecast: Summary

  • Netflix has been the top performing stock since the beginning of the year, climbing over stock news
  • Some have argued that the company’s costs for original content and international expansion are too high, but all that matters right now is subscriber growth.
  • The television market will be set up in the future to allow streaming services like Netflix, with quality original content and a large number of potential subscribers.
  • The I Know First algorithm is bullish on Netflix for both the three-month and one-year time horizons.

Algorithmic Analysis

The figure shown in the Seeking Alpha article includes the three-month and one-year forecasts for Netflix from May 6th, 2015. In both forecasts, the company has a strong positive signal, indicating the algorithm is bullish for the stock. While profitability will continue to be underwhelming for the next couple of years, subscriber growth will cause the stock price to continue to climb, especially as momentum continues to build.

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Netflix Stock News: Netflix Falls in Last 3 Months of 2014

Netflix had a roaring 2013, featuring a jump of about 300% in its stock price. The online video-streaming service started out the past year strong as well, with its stock price increasing over 20% through October 15th. Netflix announced its 3Q14 earnings that day, and the results came in short of expectations, disappointing investors. The stock fell more than 25% in after market trading, wiping out about $7 billion from the company’s market cap. NFLX