MU stock forecast: Virtuous Cycle In Data Economy Helps Micron Surge, But Cyclical Risk Remains Concerning

  The article was written by Yutian Fang, Financial Analyst at I Know First and Master of Science in Finance candidate at Brandeis International Business School

MU stock forecast: Virtuous Cycle In Data Economy Helps Micron Surge, But Cyclical Risk Remains Concerning

  • Micron holds very competitive positions in both DRAM and NAND markets after series of acquisitions
  • The latest quarterly report demonstrated Micron’s strong profitability but the future growth would be impacted by the market demand and pricing dynamics
  • The company enjoys outstanding operating efficiency and financial health
  • The cyclical risk is still one of the major concerns from market and the stock price need adjustment for the confirmative ascending channel
  • Supported by I Know First Algorithm Forecast, currently my recommendation for MU is to hold in the short term

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MU Stock Forecast: 45.99% Return In 3 Months

MU had a very strong signal of -98.40 and a predictability of 0.14. In accordance with the algorithm, the company reported short-term capital losses of -45.99%.

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MU Stock Forecast

MU Stock Forecast: An Algorithmic Analysis

MU Stock Forecast

Micron Technology, Inc. (MU), based in Boise, Idaho, makes MU stock forecastdynamic random-access memory (DRAM), NAND flash memory chips, image sensors and other components, and memory modules. The stock was a huge winner in 2014, as the stock price increased nearly 60%, well above the average return for the S&P 500. However, the stock has struggled so far this year, with share prices falling more than 20%. The dip in the stock’s performance might not be done yet, either, as the company has forecasted lower than expected guidance for the current quarter, but a buying opportunity could present itself in the future for patient investors.