ELLI Stock Forecast: Ellie Mae Shows Outstanding Performance Despite Declining Industry Volume Prompts Bullish Outlook


This article was written by Kwon Sok Oh, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.    


  • Ellie Mae delivers higher than expected earnings for Q1 2018
  • TD Bank rollout with Encompass
  • Data Connect, Investor Connect available on Encompass NG

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Lending Tree Stock Analysis: Money Matchmaking for a World Consumed by Debt

This article was written by Zachary Shipman, a financial Analyst at I Know First

LendingTree Stock Analysis 

"I like batting ideas around in small groups with people of different backgrounds, expertise and opinions. Once something is half-baked, we’ll test it – either in-market or through modeling." Doug Lebda - Chairman, CEO, and Founder of LendingTree. 


  • LendingTree- Money Matchmaking
  • 2016 and Q1 2017 Results
  • Market Trends within the Industry
  • Conclusion & I Know First Algorithmic Prediction

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