In the News: Fintech Article by Finance Magnates Features I Know First

AI Revolution in Fintech

I Know First has been featured in an Open-ed fintech article “Cracking the Secrets of Big-Data – AI and Its Use for FinTech” by Nir Netzer published on Finance Magnates blog. The article presents a discussion about various AI application cases in different industries. Among those, I Know First is considered to be one of the most noticeable AI and machine learning application instances in financial services sector. As the author fairly notice the fintech sector is constantly

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Investing in emerging markets: Russia and Brazil

Marikaby Marika Nicastro, a Junior Financial Analyst at
I Know First
and enrolled at a Business Management program at the Luiss University in Rome, Italy.

Investing in emerging markets: Russia and Brazil


  • Risks related to invest in emerging markets
  • Should investors buy these stocks?
  • Russia as one of the emerging markets favorite for 2017
  • How US election affects Russian economy
  • Will Brazil come out of the ditch in 2017?
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