Unpacking the Ins and Outs of a Chaotic System – How Can We Predict it

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  • What is Chaos Theory?
  • Earthquakes – An example of a Natural Chaotic System
  • Randomness vs Chaos 
  • What makes a Chaotic System a Chaotic System
  • Modeling a Chaotic System
  • Can We Really Predict the Stock Market? Psychology of Trading and Feedback Loops

What is Chaos Theory?

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In a chaotic system like weather, a tiny change can make a huge impact. Weather is predicted a few days in advance because small changes in input can produce dramatically different results. 

The most commonly used example to explain chaos theory is the butterfly effect. It says that a butterfly flapping its wings on one end of the world can give rise to a hurricane in another part of the world. It sounds bizarre but it illustrates the huge impact small changes in the factors can have on the outcome. 

Without going into too much mathematical details, I would like to briefly explain how

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Coronavirus Stock Market Forecast – I Know First Presents New Special Package


Coronavirus Stock Market Summary:

  • COVID-19 number of cases is increasing and, no signs of stopping;
  • Automotive and airline companies may take the biggest hit in 2020;
  • Medical and biotech stocks are the opportunities in this situation;
  • Netflix and other streaming services can benefit from the outbreak.


Due to Corona-virus (COVID-19) infectiousness characteristics, the disease started spreading globally since December 2019 despite the efforts made by Chinese government. On February 27, the World Health Organization published a report announcing that over 81,000 cases of the disease were confirmed, with 78,000 being in China. The number of deaths worldwide exceeded 3,300, with almost 300 of them outside China. With Brazil confirming its first case

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In The News: Digital Ventures Features I Know First

I Know First has had the privilege of being credited recently in an article produced by Digital Ventures, the financial technology arm of the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) in Thailand. The article looked at how artificial neural networks, a sub-application of artificial intelligence technology, could be applied to the world of finance. Some of the mentioned use-cases included the analysis of credit risk, identifying trends in the stock market, and fraud detection.

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Press Release: Prestigious Magazine The Marker Features I Know First

I Know First has had the fantastic honor of being featured in the prestigious business-focused magazine in Israel called “The Marker”. The article discusses the impressive artificial intelligence based algorithm which can accurately predict the movements of different types of stock. Additionally,  CEO Yaron Golgher was personally interviewed to give details about I Know First’s operations.

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Quick Win by the Algorithm: UEC Rises As Inauguration Day Approaches

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