Oil News: Oil Prices Continue To Fall As Goldman Sachs Slashes Forecasts

Both Brent and US crude are at their lowest level since April 2009 and have fallen for seven straight weeks. Global oil prices fell by more than $1 a barrel on Monday morning as analysts at Goldman Sachs lowered its short-term forecast. The investment banking firm had held off on lowering their oil forecasts after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided not to cut their supply in November until now, when they cut their average forecast for Brent in 2015 to $50.40 a barrel from $83.75 and lowered their forecast for US crude to $47.15 from $73.75. In the report, Goldman Sachs said that oil prices would need to stay near $40 for most of the first half of 2015 before it would hold up shale oil investments. oil price news

Investing In Commodities: Up to 17.90% (Long) and 44.96% (Short) Return in 3 Months

Investing in Commodities

This Forecast Includes:

  • Top 5 commodities for the long position
  • Top 5 commodities for the short position
Forecast Length: 3 Months (10/7/14 - 1/7/15)

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