Intel Stock Price Forecast: What To Expect from Intel’s Biggest Deal Ever – An Algorithmic Perspective (INTC)

Intel Stock Price Forecast

Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) just announced the acquisition of Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR), a semiconductor company, for an outstanding price of $16.7 billion, or $54 per share. But is it really worth it?Intel

Algorithmic analysis

The forecast is for the long-term time horizons of three months and one year. These forecasts are bullish, especially the one-year forecast with a strong signal strength of 25.31 and predictability of 0.4. We believe that Intel made a very good investment here: Not only will it help Intel to innovate even more in the market, it will also offer the opportunity to make Intel the backbone of Internet of Things field, the competence to create new and innovative products, the ability to focus more on its server offering and the power to hurt its competitors.
As a result, I Know First believes that this transaction strengthens the stock, giving it a huge advantage on the market.

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