I Know First Presents to Thai Fintech Association at Exposition

On Monday 22 October Yaron Golgher, CEO of I Know First, presented to a senior delegation visiting Israel from Thailand. The delegation consisted of CEOs, Chairmen, Investors and Executive board member from various Thai investment companies. I Know First has long been providing its clients with daily market forecasts for the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and is currently seeking for a Thai based representative for the company. The delegation came to Israel to target Fintech companies and where specifically seeking for AI based solutions for the financial market. I Know First was of particular interest for them owing to the fact that it fitted into their specific needs and requirements for the Thai markets.

Members of the Thai Fintech Association meet with Israeli Fintech Companies

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I Know First CEO Represents Wealth-Tech At Inaugural Steering Committee

On August 13, I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher represented the wealth-tech sector at the 1st ever Steering Committee Meeting of the Israel Export Institute (IEI)  FinTech sector. The meeting aimed to discuss the activities of the Israeli FinTech sector. Moreover, the meeting sought to discover industry needs and how to fulfill them in the future.

I Know First CEO Represents Wealth-Tech At Inaugural Steering Committee

Investor support tools such as I Know First’s daily market forecasts is one of the myriad

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