I Know First in Honk Kong Fintech Week

I Know First, a leading player in AI-driven investment strategies, left its mark at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023. The event, a pinnacle of the FinTech calendar, brought together 30,000 executives and 500 top speakers to discuss the tech-driven future of finance. The CEO, Yaron Golgher, presented the company's revolutionary AI-based investment approach in the Israeli Pavilion, reinforcing their commitment to innovation in the financial industry.

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2020 – I Know First Selected as Semi-finalist For the WealthTech Vertical

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I Know First has been recognized as a Semi Finalist for the Capital Markets vertical of the Hong Kong Fintech Week Global Fast Track Pitching Competition! This year I Know First Team participates in Fast Track Pitching Competition which is aiming at connecting and presenting innovative solutions to executives of the largest financial institutions in Hong Kong. This is an incredible opportunity to work with Corporate Champions in Hong Kong and Asia.

2020 HK FinTech week will take place from November 2nd to November 6th, featuring around 200 speakers from all over the world focusing on the FinTech

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Behind the Scenes: I Know First Presents at Hong Kong FinTech Festival

I Know First Presents at Hong Kong FinTech Festival

CEO Yaron Golgher Presents at the Hong Kong FinTech Week

I Know First was selected to Pitch at the worlds first cross border FinTech event. The Hong Kong FinTech week 2018 consisted of over 8000+ attendees from over 50 countries. The event took place in Hong Kong, Asia's financial capital, and in Shenzhen, China's Silicon Valley. It's one of the largest conferences on the calendar featuring over 200 of the world's top FinTech founders, investors, regulators, and academics, who are shaping the future of financial services by driving a technological revolution in the industry across Asia and globally. Consequently, it was a great privilege and opportunity for I Know First to present at this event.

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I Know First at Hong Kong FinTech Week

I Know First at Hong Kong FinTech Week

As Hong Kong FinTech Week is under way, many of the key shapers and influencers in the financial technology field are in attendance. Among them is I Know First, who are honored and grateful to have been selected as finalists as well as keynote speakers at the event. I Know First participated and spoke as a representative in the Israeli FinTech Delegation. The delegation discussed the AI landscape in Israel, advancements that are occurring in the Startup nation, and more. The Israeli FinTech Delegation is a partnership between Hong Kong FinTech week, the Israel Export Institute, and the Ministry of Economy and Industry Foreign Trade Administration. I Know First will also participate in a Pitch Competition in which the company will explain Know First’s Daily Market Forecasts and elaborate on how the company works, the companies various packages including the recently released By-Country Hong Kong Package which consistently outperforms the market, and more. After all of the nominees has pitched, the winner will have by invited to showcase at the Shenzen Gala Luncheon.

Below are some photos of the proceedings thus far:

CEO Yaron Golgher explaining I Know First's Daily Market Forecast to attendees at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


Press Release: I Know First Selected As KeyNote Speaker and Finalist at Hong Kong FinTech Week

I Know First Selected As KeyNote Speaker and Finalist at Hong Kong FinTech Week


I Know First is honored to have been selected as a finalist at Hong Kong Fintech Week. The event  is the world’s first cross-border FinTech event, as it takes place in both Hong Kong and Shenzen.

I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher is one of the keynote speakers

2018 FinTech week will take place from October 29 to November 2 and will feature over 200 speakers and 8,000 attendees who range from senior

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Press Release: I Know First Chosen to Present on AI-Based Algo Forecasting Solutions at FinTech Convention in Hong Kong

Press Release

Press Release: Tel Aviv, Israel, October 24th, 2017 - Hong Kong FinTech Week, Location: Hong Kong

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