Google Stock Forecast: Google Can Grow Forever, But Is It The Best Investment Right Now?


  • Google ranks 13th in growth since its IPO with an annual compoundinggoogle stock forecast rate of 28.98%.
  • Many projects are down the pipeline insuring the company is able to continue growing.
  • The stock has acted in a dividend behavior like growth, signaling towards steady continued growth.
  • State of the art algorithm forecast is bullish on Google.

Google's 10 Years of Growth anniversary

A public company is not valued by its assets; it is valued by what people think its assets are worth. Ten years ago, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) went public in a much anticipated IPO. A decade later, it has a lot to celebrate. Since Google's IPO the company was racing up the ladder compounding at an average annual rate of 28.98%; however, they did not race alone. Keurig Green Mountain Inc. (NASDAQ:GMCR) leads the caravan with a whopping 59.17% annualized return, closely followed by Monster Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ:MNST) and Priceline Group Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLN) with average yearly growth rates of 55.29% and 49.19% respectively. In fact, Google was not even a top 10 growth company, it placed 13th. I Know First algorithm bullish signal on Google indicates towards a growth rate surpassing these companies from now until the new year mark.

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