Position Trading Based On Algorithms: Up To 34.10% Returns

Package Name: Mega Cap Stocks
Forecast Length: 3 Month (08/26/15 - 11/26/15)
I Know First Average: 14.65%

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MegaCap 30Nov

Stock Market Forecasting Based on AI: Up to 34.10% Return in 3 Months

Package Name: S&P100 Stocks
Forecast Length: 3 months (8/26/15 - 11/26/15)
I Know First Average: 18.19% (Long)

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SP100 Long

S&P 100: Up To 14.7% Return In 3 Months

Package Name: S&P100 Stocks
Forecast Length: 3 Months (08/23/15 - 11/23/15)
I Know First Average: 10.79%

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Long 24Nov

Best Tech Stocks Based on Artificial Intelligence: Up to 112.01% (Long) Return in 1 Year

Package Name: Tech Stocks
Forecast Length: 1 year (10/26/14 – 10/26/15)
I Know First Average: 28.68% (Long) and 23.27% (Short)

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Best Tech Stocks

Google stock predictions: Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Can Substantially Reduce The Impact of Ad-Blocking

motek 1The article was written by Motek Moyen Research Seeking Alpha’s #1 Writer on Long Ideas and #2 in Technology  – Senior Analyst at I Know First>

Google stock predictions

  • Google launched an open-source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages that encourages web publishers to optimize their content delivery.Google stock predictions
  • The Accelerated Mobile Pages platform hopes to optimize advertising within news-type content, which will allow mobile device users to load web pages faster.
  • Google will continue to dominate digital advertising in 2016.

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Stock Recommendations Using Neural Networks: An Average Return of 30.59% in 1 Year

Package Name: Tech Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long & Short
I Know First Average: 30.59% Long; 14.23% Short

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Stock Recommendations

Top 10 Stocks Based On Machine Learning: Up to 21.71% Return in One Month

Package Name: Risk-Conscious
Forecast Length: 1 Month (7/10/2015 - 8/10/2015)
I Know First Average: 4.08%

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Top 10 Stocks

Google Stock Forecast: Google’s Core Products are Timeless, Limitless and Highly Addictive

I Know First published a bullish article on Google on Seeking Alpha. Noting I Know First’s success in the past, it is worthwhile to see if the algorithm agrees with the bullish fundamental analysis of the company. The one month,three month and one year forecast is included below. Google Stock Forecast