In The News: I Know First Showcasing Cutting-Edge Predictive Solutions in Fintech Taipei 2022

I Know First participated in the Fintech Taipei 2022, in Taiwan. Yaron Golgher, I Know First’s CEO & Co-Founder showcased cutting-edge AI predictive solutions to identify the best investment opportunities in the local stock market in Taiwan and in more than 50 stock markets all over the globe. During the roadshow and side events local banks, family offices, and wealth management firms were able to get to know the company and the technology that can help them improve their investment process.

FinTech Taipei 2022 is Taiwan’s first public welfare fund for fintech development, becoming a model for fintech exchange, cooperation, and innovation, aiming for economies of scale through cross-industry integration. I Know First was honored to share its cutting-edge technology for the capital markets during the 3 days of the event.

I Know First

In the News: Yaron Golgher Talks on The Future of Investments and Trading at FinTech Junction 2019

I Know First Co-Founder and CEO, Yaron Golgher, discussed the future of money, trading and investing, in a panel discussion during the Fintech Junction 2019 conference held in Berlin last week.

During the panel, Yaron briefly presented I Know First’s algorithm and explained how the company utilizes AI and Deep Learning techniques to generate its price forecast for different assets. Alongside Yaron, the panel included Ziv Adato, COO of Levent, and Nicolas Borsotto from Archgriffin Consulting.

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I Know First Predicting Japanese Stock Market at Israeli FinTech Emerging In Tokyo Event

On September 25th, 2019 Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder & CEO of I Know First, participated in the “Israeli FinTech Emerging In Tokyo” event organized by City TLV. During the event he presented our financial technology company that provides daily investment forecasts based on an advanced, self-learning algorithm as well as the algorithm performance predicting the Japanese stock market.

The self-learning predictive algorithm has demonstrated amazing results predicting the Japanese stock market, including Nikkei 225 index, and identifying the best investment opportunities on the capital markets

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Press Release: I Know First Continues To Present In China Roadshow

Press Release: Ben Rubin, the Head of Advisory Service of I Know First, presented on China-Israel Xuanwu Forum on Agriculture Technology Innovation Cooperation (Project) in Nanjing, China on May 30. More than 200 companies from Israel and China took part in the conference, and I Know First was invited as Israeli representative in artificial intelligence field. Representatives of companies from two countries shared their ideas through speeches, roadshows, and face-to-face talks.

press release
I Know First: representative of AI technology from Israel

The forum is organized by Nanjing municipal government, together with Suning Group (one of the biggest e-commerce and

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Press Release: I Know First CEO Presents At Israeli Fintech Roadshow In Thailand

Yaron Golgher, CEO of I Know First presents at Kasikorn Bank

I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher has taken part in the first two-day Israel Fintech Roadshow to hit the Thai capital of Bangkok. On the first day of the conference, he delivered a presentation focused on the use of machine learning in finance and the company’s proprietary AI for stock market prediction. The presentation was a great success with the audience which started at Kasikorn Bank and continued at the Grand Ballroom of the luxury Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit hotel, where Asia’s most tech-savvy investors gathered to meet Israel’s most creative fintech entrepreneurs.

Hosted by multiple

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Press Release: I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher To Take Part In Israeli Fintech Roadshow In Bangkok

I Know First is to be featured in the first-of-a-kind Israel Fintech Roadshow that is about to descend on the Thai capital of Bangkok on 13th – 14th May 2019. I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher is expected to deliver a presentation focused on the company’s proprietary predictive AI for stock market forecasts at the event that will be opened by Israel’s ambassador to Thailand.

Hosted by multiple sites, the two-day fintech conference will bring Asian investors and decisions-makers together with the most creative and tech-savvy entrepreneurs from Israel, the Start-Up Nation known for its bustling

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Press Release: I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher Presents At Innovation Conference in Prague

(I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher presenting at the 4th Chief Information Officer Conference in Prague, 10th May 2019)

I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher has delivered his presentation titled “Investment Selection By Using Artificial Intelligence” at the Chief Information Officer Conference in Prague. Focused on the use of AI technology to model and predict the dynamics of stock markets and the proprietary machine learning algorithm developed by I Know First, his presentation was a great success with the audience.

About Chief Information Officer Innovation Conference

Organized by Platinum Global Solutions, the 4th Chief Information Officer Innovation Conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic on May 9th and 10th 2019. The event brought

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