The World Indices Package Forecast

Market analysis by indices allows us to determine the forces that lead the financial market and identify the most attractive investment areas at various stages of the economic cycle. The algorithm of I Know First tracks and provides forecasting for a broad range of world indices to help our clients construct an effective portfolio based on their preferences and investment periods from 3-day to 1-year horizons. Currently, we have updated the Indices forecast package which covers now 384 world indices.

Stock Market Forecast Based on Artificial Intelligence for 2022

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Quantum Trading: Econophysics Can Help Predict Financial Markets

dr roitmanThis article was co-authored by Dr. Roitman, Co-Founder & CTO of I Know First Ltd. With over 35 years of research in AI and machine learning. Dr. Roitman earned a Ph.D  from the Weizmann Institute of Science.

This article was co-authored by David Shabotinsky, a Financial Analyst at I Know First, and enrolled at an undergraduate Finance program at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.


Quantum Trading


  • How Econophysics has shaped to become an important field of study for financial markets and policy makers
  • The uncertainty principle and how its used to predict the financial markets, such as bear and bull markets
  • What is phase transition in physics and how can it be applied to the financial market
  • Real applications of Econophysics in finance and policy making today
  • I Know First's self-learning predictive algorithm and its application of phase transition
  • Real differentiated competitive advantages offered by I Know First's algorithmic solutions

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