I Know First News: I Know First Algorithm Was Featured On Yahoo Finance!

I Know First News: Thanks to its nomination at this year’s Benzinga Fintech Awards, Yahoo Finance has released an article on I Know First algorithm and Yaron Golgher's interview , co-founder and CEO at I Know First, with Benzinga.


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  • How Was The Algorithm Developed?
  • What Makes I Know First Special?
  Gone are the days when algorithmic trading was the domain of high-frequency trading firms and Wall Street’s big banks. I Know First is a company that is trying to bring the algorithmic trading experience to retail traders and investors.

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Netflix Stock News: Netflix Falls in Last 3 Months of 2014

Netflix had a roaring 2013, featuring a jump of about 300% in its stock price. The online video-streaming service started out the past year strong as well, with its stock price increasing over 20% through October 15th. Netflix announced its 3Q14 earnings that day, and the results came in short of expectations, disappointing investors. The stock fell more than 25% in after market trading, wiping out about $7 billion from the company’s market cap. NFLX

Yahoo Stock Forecast: Yahoo Uses Asia to Become Competitive

Yahoo uses Asia to Become Competitive

Date: November 16, 2014 Yahoo (Nasdaq:YHOO) stock has shown bullish behavior for Yahoo imagethe past few months now, dating back to the end of June. In fact, Yahoo stock has gained 51% since I Know First suggested it as a stock that was undervalued. Yahoo is a global Internet services company that offers varied products and content, ranging from email and search to media streaming and downloads. Yahoo’s main revenue source is advertising and marketing services, but they recently acquired a great deal of cash on hand thanks to Asia.

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Making over 200% In A Year Using Fundamental And Algorithmic Trading

BlackBerry’s Price Fluctuations

In a recent article we discussed the possibilities a fluctuating stock like BBRY presents. While recommending to short the stock in the short term, we did not feel the stock had no long term potential. At the end of 2009, BlackBerry was valued at $60 a share, with revenues of 11 billion. In 2013 the stock price declined to $7.2 a share, with revenues of 11 billion. Suggesting that a company restructure might quickly boost the stock price back up with a profit turn around.

After releasing a bullish signal for BBRY in our <a href="http://seekingalpha.com/article/2439065-blackberry-limited-before-you-buy-or-sell-hold-the-phone-an-algorithmic-perspective

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Short Term Stocks Algorithmic Blast Off: 72.29% Return in 30 Days

Algorithmic Forecast

Coal Market Analysis With Arch Coal Forecast

Date: November 11th, 2014 Arch Coal is an American coal mining and processing company. It is currently the second largest supplier of coal in the United States, following Peabody Energy who is currently the largest supplier of coal worldwide. Following transitions in energy consumption habits, such as Barack Obama shifting policies towards clean energy sources which emit zero to no carbon dioxide pollution.  As of 2013 domestic coal consumption in the US was being displaced by natural gas; however, exports have been increasing.

New Products: Top 10 Stock Picks Under $5 Based on Predictive Algorithm


Tesla Stock Forecast: Algorithmic Prediction Is Bullish On Tesla

Several years ago, fundamental analysis was the only way to go. However, at present, we can gain an algorithmic perspective on investment, as well. While algorithmic analysis should not be regarded as conclusive, it is a decidedly useful tool for most investors.

I Know First recognizes this, and has thus devoted time to developing an advanced self-learning algorithm based on artificial intelligence

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Tesla Stock Forecast: Algorithmic Forecast Indicates Tesla Is A Buy (Click For The Full Story)

Tesla Motors (TSLA)

Since Tesla (TSLA) released earnings last Wednesday, shares have taken a 12.07% hit. After reaching the $180 benchmark, the stock is now predicted by the self-learning algorithm to increase in value again, making this a good opportunity to get into TSLA.

The electric car manufacturer delivered decent earnings, however actual delivery numbers were below expectations of 6,457, yet still higher than guidance of 6,400. The company’s production numbers were also higher than guidance at 7,535, with revenues and earnings surpassing analyst expectations as well. Refuting the frequent bear

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