ETF News: Vangaurd Group’s REIT ETF Is Long Term Value Opportunity

ETF News: Why Vanguard Group’s REIT ETF Is Both A Short Term Swing And Long Term Value Opportunity
  • Summary of the ETF’s portfolio, assets, and allocation.
  • Explanation of the resistance after reaching pre-crisis price levels.
  • The S&P/Case-Shiller US National Home Price Index looks well aligned for growth in upcoming months.
  • Algorithmic analysis explaining the short term opportunity of this long term value investment.
Portfolio characteristics and structure

ETF News The 14 days and 1 month forecast identifies Vanguard REIT ETF with a strong likelihood of appreciating in these time horizons, identified by the signals 18.9 and 17.01 respectively. The combination of a short term opportunity with solid fundamentals and track record present this ETF as a truly attractive opportunity. Investors interested in real estate should strongly consider it as a part of their portfolio.