Winning Stock Forecast: High Q2 Expectations Drive BOOM Price

“Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble”
-Warren Buffet

(Source: DMC Global Inc.)

DMC Global Inc. (NASDAQ: BOOM) is a technology company that operates businesses in energy, industrial and infrastructure markets. Incorporated on August 15, 1997, the company’s main segments are NobelClad and DynaEnergetics. Nobelclad produces explosion welded clad metal plates and DynaEnergetics markets and sells oilfield perforating equipment.

On April 9, I Know First Algorithm gave a bullish 3 month forecast for BOOM, assigning

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Winning Stock Forecast: DMC (NASDAQ: BOOM) Is Booming With 25.92% In 3 Days

Winning Stock Forecast

“North America’s unconventional onshore oil and gas industry remains very active, and a growing number of operators and service companies are turning to these systems to enhance well-completion efficiencies, improve reliability and drive down operating costs.” – Kevin Longe, president and CEO

Over the 3 days period starting from April 26, 2018, DMC’s stock price experienced steep price rise of more than 25%. Taking into account the overall BOOM stock performance of +200% over the trailing year , it is reasonable to suggest that this is the result of the company’s

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