I Know First ETF Predictions Coverage Update for 2021

I Know First generates daily predictions for over 10,000 assets and 559 Equity ETF predictions and continues to expand the coverage.

etf predictions

The Importance of Investing in ETFs

The ETF industry had a great year in 2020 as it has benefitted from the rising popularity of low-cost, diversified index fund management. The global inflows for the year surpassed $750 billion, a new record, and global assets under management grew by over 30%. According to ETF.com, a minimum of a 110% return was required to be among the top 10 best-performing ETFs of 2020, while a 94% gain was the threshold to enter the top 20.

The popularity of ETFs is expected

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Indian Stocks Coverage Update

Indian stocks

After introducing the algorithm to the stock market world of India only one year ago with 366 assets based in India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE), I Know First has taken a major step forward this year in its coverage of Indian Stocks. Specifically, we have enhanced our coverage of Indian Stocks from the aforementioned 366 initial stocks to the current astonishing number of 2116 assets, a 478% coverage increase. Our coverage has also expanded to include equally-weighted stocks from both the Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE) in New Delhi as well as from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Indian stocks
Bombay Stock Exchange
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For each new

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