CLF Stock Forecast: Is De-Globalization Working?

Yu YaoThis CLF Stock Forecast article was written by Yu Yao – Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • CLF delivered great Q1 Results
  • CLF has a strong competitive advantage over peers
  • The high selling price for CLF may lead to a record cash flow this year
  • Valuation models indicate CLF is currently undervalued

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CLF Stock – Quick Win: 23.75% Return in 7 Days

On July 28th, 2015, The I Know First algorithm gave a bullish signal of 11.27 for the ticker CLF (Cliffs Natural Resources), which had a strong predictability indicator of 0.26. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, Cliffs Natural Resources spiked 23.75% on trading day July 28th.

clf stock

CLF Stock: Don’t Fall Off The Long Cliff: Algorithmic And Summative Analysis Is Bearish On Cliffs Natural Resources Inc.


  • The company recently announced a lawsuit against them for $52.6 million which was followed by a $500 million senior secured note due 2020 sell announcement.CLF stock
  • EPS down over 2000% from 2013, investors are weary of waiting for the rebound.
  • Analysts agree the stock is unlikely to recover, which is supported by a strong Goldman Sachs iron ore price target for 2015.
  • Algorithmic analysis and decision alternatives.

Algorithmic Analysis of CLF Stock

The graph shown in the article on Seeking Alpha represents an overall relatively low confidence level of 60-70% that CLF will indeed go down in value; however, if it does the very strong algorithmic signal suggests the return would be well in the two digits. This really leaves only three alternative paths of action.

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