Best Chinese Stocks: Is China Finally Recovering from COVID-19?

This Best Chinese Stocks article was written by Erica McGillicuddy, Analyst at I Know First.


  • So far China's economy has recovered as well as it possibly could have, but its future is dependent on the global economy
  • US-China relations are dependent on their phase one trade agreement being upheld
  • China’s government plans to bring growth to the economy through investments in high-tech infrastructure
  • China’s economy is reliant on its customers’ ability and desire to continue importing from China

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Trading ETF vs Stocks: Build Up Your Wealth With AI

Chloe PengThe article was written by Chloe Peng, Analyst at I Know First., Master of Science of Finance candidate at Brandeis University.


  • ETFs are an increasingly popular product for investors that capture broad indices or sectors in a single security.
  • ETF exists for various asset classes and can be traded using multiple strategies.
  • I Know First’s algorithmic prediction on ETFs can assist in better decision making.

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Press Release: I Know First Analyst Submitted an Article to U.S. News

Press Release

Press Release: Tel Aviv, Israel, July 19, 2017 – I Know First financial analyst submits an article to U.S. News regarding Chinese financial market.

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