Bullish Sentiment On Silver Wheaton – Fundamentals And Algorithmic Analysis


  • Silver Wheaton Corp. is the world’s largest metal streaming comBullish Sentiment On Silver Wheatonpany, involved in 19 mine agreements across 11 countries, and has become a gateway to trading precious metals.
  • Its unique business model allows for: low fixed-costs, significantly profitable sales of silver and gold, and risk-adjusted growth, ultimately diversifying it from the majority of mining companies.
  • Silver Wheaton is still tied to the prices that govern the precious metals, thus, a certain risk factor remains.
  • Silver’s current sideways-oscillating pattern has potential for a rallying breakthrough in the future, which Silver Wheaton will surely value from.
  • Silver Wheaton’s unique business model and clear fundamentals, coupled with a positive sentiment on silver and a bullish algorithmic perspective from I Know First, suggest short and long-term growth.

    Silver Wheaton's fundamental aspects suggest positive outcomes in the future, however, due to commodity prices, the company is still prone to price fluctuations. By incorporating a bullish algorithmic viewpoint into the analysis, investors are given yet another reason to consider an endeavor in Silver Wheaton. Generally, analyst sentiment on the stock appears to also be positive. The short and long-term outlook on silver - which contributes 70% of revenue - also seems to be bullish, to a degree.

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