Blackberry Stock Predictions: BlackBerry’s Transformation Will Be Successful

namanNaman Shukla is an Analyst at I Know First. He writes and invests in the stock market. Ranked in the top 8 percentile in Featured on,, among others.
  • Doing away with the smartphone business and focusing on software will benefit BlackBerry.
  • QNX will be a massive growth driver for the company.
  • BlackBerry is a great turnaround play.
  • I Know First's maintains a bullish stance on BBRY

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BlackBerry Forecast: Apple Isn’t Buying BlackBerry, But You Should (BBRY)

Rumors spread on Monday that BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) might be acquired by Apple Inc. (AAPL), sending the stock price up over 6% in roughly 30 minutes. This rumor is almost certainly not true, as it does not match Apple’s strategy in the past, as the acquisition would be the most expensive in the company’s history.blackberry forecast The tech giant has been rather cautious with its cash hoard in the past. Furthermore, similar rumors have surrounded BlackBerry in the past. A rumor suggesting that Samsung would buy the company sent the stock price up 30%, but these gains were reversed when BlackBerry released a statement saying the rumors were false and no conversations had taken place between the two companies.

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