Automotive Stocks: Growth Trend with Digital Technology

Huaiyi JiangThis Automotive Stock Market Forecast article was written by Huaiyi Jiang – Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • The automotive industry's recovery from the pandemic
  • Growth trend of electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles in the automotive market
  • The automotive industry’s development will face several pressures

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Ford Stock Forecast: Electric Vehicles Boosting Sales and Future

This Ford stock forecast article was written by Maria Grishaev, Analyst at I Know First.

Executive Summary

  • Ford Motor Company has a good year so far in 2021. The stock price went up by 68.66% YTD
  • With a new electric car that is giving Tesla tough competition and its plans to invest $30B in the electric vehicle segment, Ford is preparing for the future.
  • Quantitative analysis results indicate bullish signals after stock price topped out the moving average line.
  • F deserves a one-year target price of $21, representing potential revenue growth.

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Tesla Stock Forecast: Transforming the Future

This article was written by Talia Shakhnovsky, a Financial Analyst at I Know First

Tesla Stock Forecast: Transforming the Future

“There is not a demand problem. Sales have far exceeded production…We have a decent shot at a record quarter on every level”
– Elon Musk, Tesla CEO at 6/11/2019 Annual Shareholder Meeting


  • Despite decreasing vehicle sales, global demand for electric vehicles is growing; Tesla is attempting to enter the global market by building a Gigafactory in China.
  • From the first quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2019, Tesla’s revenue grew by 32.23%, surpassing automotive industry revenue (-1.61%). Tesla’s expected annual growth of 68% also exceeds the auto industry’s expected growth of 22%.
  • At Tesla’s annual shareholder conference, CEO Elon Musk discussed continuing demand, Tesla’s acquisition of battery company Maxwell Technologies, and the new semi pickup truck among other developing technological advances like fully autonomous vehicles.
  • Tesla’s financial statement supports a long term bullish outlook, with a potential June 2020 share-price of $333.

TESLA Logo – Source: Wikimedia

Current Automotive Market Trends Overview

The bull market of today is the longest period of uninterrupted gains in American history. While the Federal Reserve is unlikely to cut interest rates at the moment, it has signaled that it is open

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