Why Artificial Intelligence Will Always Beat the Market

motek 1This algorithmic article was written by Yutong Li – Analyst at I Know First, Master's candidate at Brandeis University.


  • Despite the controversial opinion on whether Artificial Intelligence could beat the market, AI could still win in many aspects
  • I Know First’s proprietary AI-powered algorithm can make accurate predictions and smartly approach the stock market uncertainty
  • Based on the 1-year evaluation summary, I Know First has predicted ^IXIC, SPY, and QQQ with 100% accuracy in a 1-year time horizon, and has a performance over 62% for for all time horizons

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Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading – Now And in The Future

This article was written by Maria Grishaev, Analyst at I Know First.

Executive Summary

In the last decade, the usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence based trading algorithms grew with the rapid development of computational powers. It makes everyone to wonder - do we take the maximum advantage technology gives us or not. In this article I’m going to discuss the current trend of usage and what are the challenges we are going to need to overcome in order to utilize all the benefits of this advanced technology.

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Artificial Intelligence in Finance – Superior or Subordinate?

The article was written by Vladimir Zaslavsky, a Financial Analyst at I Know First. Vladimir is completing a Bachelor of Commerce Scholars Program and Bachelor of Economics at Monash University – majoring in Finance, Economics and Accounting.

Artificial Intelligence in Finance – Superior or Subordinate?

Finding good partners is the key to success in anything: in business, in marriage and, especially, in investing.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki 


  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Finance Sector
  • Is Artificial Intelligence Superior or Subordinate to Humans?
  • I Know First’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

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