APOL Stock Forecast: Can Apollo Fight Online Education Any Longer?


  • Online courses areAPOL stock forecast rapidly growing; this is good news for many educational bodies, but not Apollo.
  • Revenues and profits are dwindling; prices have plummeted below all analysts’ expectations.
  • At current prices, our algorithmic analysis is bullish on Apollo, in contrary to most investors and analysts.
Apollo is an experienced, well established, for-profit educational body. The company recognized that its U.S. operations, its bread and butter for many years, is now slowly dwindling down. With increased efforts into its online integration and expansion into global markets, the company might be able to offset these losses, which will likely cause the stock's price to soar. This new model could have so much success that the company's growth might exceed its previous operation size - which was largely depended on the University of Phoenix as the stone pillar holding it together.

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