AMZN Stock Prediction For 2015 Based On A Predictive Algorithm


  •, com, Inc., America’s largest Internet-based retailer, has become a household name for its shipping services; geographically and commercially diverse, Amazon is also known for Kindle, and its fourteen-country span
  • While Amazon experienced some relatively poor circumstances earlier this year, Q4 2014 saw success, with profits beating analyst estimates; losses and guidance have also been less problematic than expectedAMZN
  • These numbers, when coupled with Amazon’s strong fundamentals (g., its Amazon Prime growth, AWS expansions, and ventures into content creation), seem to have resulted in positive analyst and investor sentiment
  • Amazon’s futuristic growth business principle yields long-term value when considering its customer-oriented model, along with a growing online shopping industry
  • I Know First’s algorithm predicts bullish outcomes for Amazon in the 3-month time frame
  • Algorithmic Analysis

    While fundamentals are very important, it can be quite advantageous to also consider stocks like Amazon from an algorithmic perspective. Though algorithms, like any other methods of analysis, are not definitive, they often contribute important information about a company, especially when viewed in combination with historical trends and fundamentals. The new 3-month forecast for Amazon, generated by the I Know First algorithm and updated on January 28th indicates a strong bullish assessment for the three-month time horizon.
    Although there are doubts regarding the sustainability of its profits, these fundamentals, alongside analyst opinion, a positive DCF valuation, and I Know First’s forecast, appear to indicate that Amazon – though it is a company known for its ups and downs – may well be bullish in the future, and in both the short-term and the long-term horizons.