AMAT Stock Forecast: Bullish Outlook Amid Technological Advancements and Geopolitical Contexts

Zheman ZhongThis AMAT Stock Forecast article was written by Zheman Zhong – Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • Applied Materials posted strong financial results for FY 2022, with total revenue and net income increasing by 12% and 11% respectively.
  • Despite slower projected revenue growth, the company has been advancing in its technological capabilities, particularly in the field of heterogeneous chip integration.
  • The stock has appreciated significantly in the first half of 2023, outpacing many of its peers in the semiconductor industry.
  • Geopolitical risks associated with AMAT's significant exposure to China may be less significant than initially perceived, potentially adding to the investment appeal.

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AMAT Stock Forecast: Developments in Supplemental Markets

This article was written by Isaac Rothstein - Analyst at I Know First.


  • AMAT stock has consistently risen over the last five years
  • Operating costs are rising due to growth in research and development expenses for future growth
  • The semiconductor industry has grown rapidly over the past 20 years
  • Trade wars with China could hinder their growth due to China being their most profitable region for sales
  • I Know First algorithm remains Bullish for its one year forecast

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AMAT Stock Prediction: The Future of AMAT Looks Promising After Release of Q2 Result

I Know First Research Team LogoThis article was written by the I Know First Research Team.
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  • Trade war between US and China could affect AMAT by reducing sales to their largest customer base
  • Falling demand for Memory Chips and Display Market Segment is affecting net sales
  • Effective AMAT growth strategy in their Service Segment
  • Strong focus on R&D in the future to improve net sales
  • Bullish I Know First long term AMAT stock prediction and given a buy rating for the next quarter

AMAT’s Performance In Q2

Applied Materials (AMAT), one of the largest producer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, might be facing some troubles from trade wars, a drop in overall smartphone consumer demands as well as stiff competition in display technologies. AMAT stock’s competitors such as KLA-Tencor and Lam Research also gave a similar downbeat outlook this quarter. Despite that, AMAT’s transition to more cloud data centers, 5G infrastructure, IoT and automotive technologies will pave the way for growth in 2020. The semiconductor equipment market is forecasted to drop 8% in 2019 but face a growth of 5

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AMAT Bullish Forecast: Cobalt Will Drive Applied Materials Beyond the Limits



This article was written by Kwon Sok Oh, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.




    • Applied Materials deliver record breaking performance for Q2 FY2018
    • Market trends point toward strong growth for the coming years
    • Major breakthrough with cobalt to enhance chip performance for big data and AI
    • I Know First’s algorithm’s bullish forecast on Applied Materials

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AMAT Stock Forecast: An Interesting Portfolio Expansion With Growth Potential

AMAT Stock Forecast

  • The company took part in the series B funding round for RayVio, a leading UV LED solutions company.amat stock forecast
  • The company’s healthcare solutions might prove to be a huge growth assets in the long run, and a very smart investment today.
  • Both algorithm and analysts agree this is a bullish investment.

The stock has shown very solid and stable growth since 2012, at a time in which it traded at around $10 a share. Recently the price dropped from $25 to $22.5, representing a decline of 10% in the last month and a half. This presents a solid entry point for a long term value investment in Applied Materials. The recent dip could also benefit for an upward correction, which is indicated by the 1 month bullish signals of the algorithm. This investment in RayVio represents the 62nd company the venture group has invested in during the last 10 years, for a total capital investment of $190 million.

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