AMAT Bullish Forecast: Cobalt Will Drive Applied Materials Beyond the Limits


This article was written by Kwon Sok Oh, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.    


    • Applied Materials deliver record breaking performance for Q2 FY2018
    • Market trends point toward strong growth for the coming years
    • Major breakthrough with cobalt to enhance chip performance for big data and AI
    • I Know First’s algorithm’s bullish forecast on Applied Materials

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AMAT Stock Price: Applied Material’s Venture Group Invests Into UV LED, An Interesting Portfolio Expansion With Growth Potential


  • The company took part in the series B funding round for RayVio, a leading UV LED solutions company.AMAT stock
  • The company’s healthcare solutions might prove to be a huge growth assets in the long run, and a very smart investment today.
  • Both algorithm and analysts agree this is a bullish investment.

Investment Opportunity

Analysts on both Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch are very bullish on Applied Materials. The market forecast self-learning algorithm at I Know First supports this bullish outlook for AMAT. I Know First says AMAT has one of the strongest Buy signals for the 1-month horizon. The positive +17.92 algorithmic signal says AMAT is currently undervalued, and bottom numbers 0.5 indicate it has a very high probability (75% to be exact) of going up in price over this period.

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