PNX stock forecast- Quick Win: 144.61% Return

The Phoenix Companies, Inc,. (NYSE:PNX), a financial services company, was given a strongly bullish three month rating by the I Know First stock-trading algorithm, on July 24th, 2014. Amazingly, by October 24th, the stock had risen by an astounding 144.61%!

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PNX stock forecast

Algorithmic Trading: Up to 21.12% Return in 3 Days

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks
Forecast Length: 3 Days (10/30/2015 – 11/03/2015)
I Know First Average: 8.87%

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algorithmic trading

Algorithmic Trading: Hedge Fund Model- Daily Re-Adjustment Swing Trading

Following the development of Dr. Lipa Roitman’s understanding of relying on the 5 day simple moving average as a secondary trigger for entry and exit, the I Know First R&D team has developed a complementary model to support his thesis. The results were positive, and incorporating the 5 day SMA trigger allows us to design day trading strategies which further enhance returns and reduce risks. The overall return in the one year period from July 1st, 2014 to August 30th, 2015 is 106.3% while the S&P500 rose by 0.6% during the same period. Image_1

Stock Picking Based On Self-Learning Algorithm: Up To 20.40% Return In 3 Days

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks
Forecast Length: 3 Days (9/30/2015 – 10/2/2015)
I Know First Average: 9.83%

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Stock Picking Based on Self-Learning Algorithm

Stock Market Algorithm: Up To 22.55% Return In 1 Month

Package Name: Risk-Conscious
Forecast Length: 1 Month (8/26/2015 - 9/26/2015)
I Know First Average: 10.08%

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Stock Market Algorithm

Volatility Forecast: Up To 24.01% Return In 7 Days

Package Name: Volatility Index
Forecast Length: 7 Days (9/21/15 – 9/28/15)
I Know First Average: 12.99%

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Volatility Forecast

Algorithmic Trading: Up To 104.45% Return In 1 Month

Package Name: Stocks Under 10 Dollars
Forecast Length: 1 Month (8/25/2015 - 9/25/2015)
I Know First Average: 17.94%

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Algorithmic Trading

Best ETFs Based On Algorithms: Up To 9.60% Return In 14 Days

Package Name: ETFs Forecast
Forecast Length: 14 Days (9/8/2015 - 9/22/2015)
I Know First Average: 3.44% (Long) & 2.19% (Short)

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Best ETFs Based On Algorithms