I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: July 13th, 2020

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Investment Selection Using AI Predictive Algorithm
July 13, 2020

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Robinhood Trading Using AI: Top Stock Picking Strategies to Boost Portfolio Now

This article is written by Hao Liu, Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • Robinhood users are taking high risks for lack of investment knowledge.
  • I Know First can help Robinhood users alleviate risks by utilizing AI-powered stock forecasts.
  • I Know First offers highly customizable forecasting solutions tailored to investor’s needs and riskiness.

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Making Sense of the Chaos: How Algorithmic Trading Increases Investor Returns

The article was written by Jessica Kremer - Analyst at I Know First.


  • Human investors are prone to judgment errors while investing in the stock market.
  • Chaos theory allows I Know First to use artificial intelligence and a self learning algorithm to correctly model and predict the stock market.
  • There are multiple instances where chaos theory has enabled our algorithm to make correct decisions while other investors made losses. 

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Organic Food Stocks: How The Pandemic Benefitted Healthy Food Stocks and How AI Knew First

Chloe PengThe article was written by Chloe Peng, Analyst at I Know First., Master of Science of Finance candidate at Brandeis University.


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has been changing people’s eating habits, 43% customers are consuming more healthy food.
  • Many healthy food producers’ stocks benefitted from this trend in the food industry, for example, United Natural Foods more than tripled its stock price in 3 months, outperforming the index PBJ.
  • I Know First’s predictive AI is able to identify the next winner in the industry and help you win.

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IAC Stock: InterActiveCorp Is A Pandemic-Boosted Business You Must Own

motek 1The article was written by Motek Moyen Research Seeking Alpha’s #1 Writer on Long Ideas and #2 in Technology – Senior Analyst at I Know First.


  • Its stock is no longer cheap but InterActiveCorp remains a buy. EMA analysis convinced me that its stock has enough momentum left to zoom up higher.
  • IAC is a decent growth stock that consistently grow its annual sales without incurring substantial increase in cost of revenue.
  • Tinder and Match.com are pandemic-resistant. There are just too many horny and polygamous people in this planet. Online dating will always be the favorite hobby of many earthlings.
  • Sex tourism is almost dead because of COVID-19. However, IAC’s leadership in online dating is secure. The online dating industry will still grow to become a $9.2 billion industry by 2025.
  • IAC is the fastest tech stock that recovered from March’s pandemic panic sell-off. It is now trading higher than its February highs.

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Algorithmic Trading: Wisdom Of The Crowd vs. Algorithmic Trading

“One of the biggest advantages of algorithmic trading is the ability to remove human emotion from the markets, as trades are constrained within a set of predefined criteria. This is an advantage because humans trading are susceptible to emotions that lead to irrational decisions. The two emotions that lead to poor decisions that algorithmic traders aren’t susceptible to are fear, and greed.”

“Advantages of Algorithmic Trading,” NASDAQ


  • What is the wisdom of the crowd?
  • How can the crowd misdirect investors?
  • How does algorithmic trading address the dangers of “following the herd”?

What is the “wisdom of the crowd”?

Could a crowd, provided that it is large and diverse enough, produce en masse an estimate that outperforms that of an individual expert? American journalist James Surowiecki would

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Short Selling: How, When and Why You Should Short Sell

What is “short selling” and how does it work?

The concept of short selling is often seen as something immoral or alarming to many traders. Traders often assume that because mutual funds and financial planners go long, it is more correct to do. When you short sell you are actually borrowing a stock at a fee, and selling it on the market. At some point the trader “covers” his sale by repurchasing the stock at the current market price, and returning the shares to the lender. If the price is lower the short seller makes a profit, else he makes a loss.

algo trading

Algorithmic Trading Quant Fund: The Industry Going Through a “Quant Winter”

This article was written by Raphaël Uzan, a financial analyst at I Know First.


After being booming, quant investment funds and algorithmic trading have gone through a dark period. In this article, we will introduce what are quant investment funds and which methods they use. Then, we will try to understand the reasons for their performance decrease since 2018.

Quant Investment Funds Use Algorithmic Trading

An investment fund collects money from several investors in order to invest it and to make profit. This capital is managed by professionals in more or less risky ways according to criteria beforehand fixed. There are investment

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