AI-Driven Algorithmic Trading: Disrupting The Disruptors

I Know First Research Team LogoThis article was written by the I Know First Research Team.


  • The investment world has been evolving as high tech progress gave rise to new players.
  • As the tide turns again, the rise of the AI industry is giving traders new opportunities.
  • AI-driven tools work as major enhancements for traditional trading strategies.

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Day Trading Strategy: An In-depth Analysis of Realistic Back-Tests

Daniel Tal is a Quantitative Analyst at I Know First. He is currently a candidate for his bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Business Management at Columbia University.

  • Implementation of IKF strategy in intraday trading environment
  • Quantopian slippage and commissions models used to simulate real-time trading
  • Data and statistical Analysis of the methods used to gain day trading returns


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Algorithmic Trading: Machines Account for Upwards of 80% of Trades in the USA

Algorithmic Trading:

“Eighty percent of daily volume in the U.S. is done by machines” - Guy De Blonay, fund manager at Jupiter Asset Management


  • New long-term strategies are being built around algorithmic trading and machine trading is now slowly eating further into long term investments.
  • The volume of trades in the USA done by machines can be up to 80% according to recent claims.
  • Blackrock are set to give a number of their financial analysts the boot in favour of a more updated trading strategy that draws on machines and Artificial Intelligence.
  • I Know First’s state of the art algorithm, uses Artificial Intelligence and self-learning capabilities to predict asset price movements in the market today.

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Algorithmic Trading: Combines Market Noise Trading And Trend Trading

taliTali Soroker is a Financial Analyst at I Know First.

algorithmic trading

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Winning World Indices Forecast: ^VIX, ^S&P 500 Perform As Algorithm Predicted

World Indices Package: Notable Performers in the Long and Short Position Amid Volatility


On November 7th 2018, I Know First's top stock predicting algorithm conducted it's 1-Month World Indices Package Forecast. This particular package, which is offered as one of I Know First’s quantitative investment solutions, includes a daily forecast for a total of 20 indices with bullish and bearish signals. This is divided into the top 10 picks for the long position, and top 10 picks for the short position, which are determined by screening our database daily using our advanced algorithm and selecting those with the highest predictability and signal.

The two most noteworthy performers of this particular forecast were ^VIX for the long position, and S&P 500 for the short position.

The package itself, had an overall average return of 11.28%, in the long position, providing a premium of 15.72% over the SP500’s return of -4.44%. With regards to the short position, the package had an overall average return of 5.79%, providing investors with a premium of 10.23% over S&P500’s return of -4.44%.

I Know First at the AI In Finance Summit New York 2018: Video + Interview

I Know First Presents at the AI In Finance Summit

I Know First was honored to be selected to present as one of the leaders of innovation through incorporation of machine learning & deep learning into the financial sector. The event took place in New York City beginning on September 6th.
In the presentation delivered by CEO & Co-Founder Yaron Golgher, he explains how modeling the market as a complex chaotic system allows algorithms like I Know First’s to accurately predict the stock market. Co-Founder & Partner Dr. Lipa Roitman further elaborates and dissects a more technical view of the algorithm and how it was founded. The presentation  labeled: Investment Selection By Combining Chaos Theory with Artificial Intelligence, can be viewed in it's entirety above...

Portfolio Strategies & Asset Allocation – 86.43% Expected Annual Return Using Algorithmic Allocation


  • How to use an existing algorithmic signals system to allocate equity systematically.logo1
  • Building a sample portfolio based on stocks, interest rates and currencies.
  • Actual portfolio back test and returns.


Allocating your portfolio in a way that maximizes returns and minimizes risk can be tricky. In order to reduce volatility, high yield strategies are often ignored. In theory, if you were able to pick one stock a day you were most certain will go up - in order to maximize expected returns you would only invest in that stock. The downside of course is also maximizing your risk exposure.In this article I will go through a method of allocating funds using the I Know First artificial intelligence system. This will link between algorithmic signals, and actual market buy/sell decisions. Before you continue reading you should decide if any of these points don’t suit you well.
The main advantage of this portfolio allocation is that it is a day trading model which is 100% systematic. Both the investment buy/sell decisions and allocation are based off the signal data; allowing any investor the peace of mind in separating emotion from trade decisions.

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I Know First at Hong Kong FinTech Week

I Know First at Hong Kong FinTech Week

As Hong Kong FinTech Week is under way, many of the key shapers and influencers in the financial technology field are in attendance. Among them is I Know First, who are honored and grateful to have been selected as finalists as well as keynote speakers at the event. I Know First participated and spoke as a representative in the Israeli FinTech Delegation. The delegation discussed the AI landscape in Israel, advancements that are occurring in the Startup nation, and more. The Israeli FinTech Delegation is a partnership between Hong Kong FinTech week, the Israel Export Institute, and the Ministry of Economy and Industry Foreign Trade Administration. I Know First will also participate in a Pitch Competition in which the company will explain Know First’s Daily Market Forecasts and elaborate on how the company works, the companies various packages including the recently released By-Country Hong Kong Package which consistently outperforms the market, and more. After all of the nominees has pitched, the winner will have by invited to showcase at the Shenzen Gala Luncheon.

Below are some photos of the proceedings thus far:

CEO Yaron Golgher explaining I Know First's Daily Market Forecast to attendees at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre