The Man, The Machine, The Legend: AI In Hedge Fund Management

I Know First Research Team LogoThis article was written by the I Know First Research Team.
Virginia Marie Rometty

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.”

Virginia Marie Rometty, head of IBM.

Robots In The Workplace

As the world embraces the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, whole industries are transformed to reflect this new reality. AIs are now helping taxi companies identify spots that would see lots of ride requests coming in. They could

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AMZN Stock Forecast: The Cloud Dream Drives Amazon Surge


The article was written by Yutian Fang, Financial Analyst at I Know First and Master of Science in Finance candidate at Brandeis International Business School

AMZN Stock Forecast: The Cloud Dream Drives Amazon Surge


  • Robust performance in Q1 2018
  • Sustainable growth despite the intense competition
  • Currently I take hold position on AMZN as the current price is at the upper limit based on technical analysis

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