Stock Forecast: AMD’s New Range of Ryzen Pro Processors Coupled with Outstanding Q1 Results Are Important Weapons Over Intel

  This article was written by Esther Hanon, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.

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“The first quarter was an outstanding start to 2018 with 40 percent year-over-year revenue growth. PC, gaming and datacenter adoption of our new, high-performance products continues to accelerate. We are excited about our long-term roadmaps and focused on delivering sustained revenue growth and profitability.”

--Dr. Lisa Su, President and CEO of AMD

GPU-Equipped Ryzen Pros Give AMD What It Needs to Conquer the Corporate Desktop

Integrated graphics mean that AMD's chips can now go head to head with Intel's


  • AMD published their Q1 2018 results on April 25th, 2018 crushing analyst estimates on earnings, revenue and guidance.
  • Revenues increased 40% year-over-year. The improving margin scenario provides additional upside for the stock as AMD finally starts producing sizable profits.
  • The stock surged 11%  in extended trading and had increased ever since the company published their Q1 2018 earnings.
  • The Q1 2018 earnings report of AMD also revealed that its Computing and Graphics segment has posted its 5th consecutive quarter of double digit Year-over-Year growth.
  • Thanks to stronger Ryzen processors sales, AMD posted an EPS of $0.11 (beats by $0.2), and revenue of $1.65 billion (+39.8% year over year) - beats by $80 million.
  • The reasons why AMD is beating estimates are the same. Cryptocurrency miners still bought many Radeon discrete GPUs. Ryzen APUs and processors are also finding more customers.
  • The forthcoming release of ASIC miners shouldn't be of concern. They do not threaten the lucrative tailwind of AMD from Ethereum miners.

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AMD Stock Forecast for 2018 Based on Artificial Intelligence

The article was written by Vladimir Zaslavsky, a Financial Analyst at I Know First. Vladimir is completing a Bachelor of Commerce Scholars Program and Bachelor of Economics at Monash University – majoring in Finance, Economics and Accounting.

AMD Stock Forecast for 2018

  • AMD strongly positioned for 2018 by product expansion and demand
  • Intel-AMD collaboration
  • I Know First stock forecast for AMD based on Artificial intelligence

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AMD Stock Outlook: Inevitable Rebound for AMD

  • Divesting from the PC industry and creating inroads into the gaming and GPU markets.
  • Shares have hit record lows.
  • Potential for takeover in the foreseeable future.
  • I Know First is bullish regarding AMD stock.
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices (AMD), a global semi-conductor company, has experienced turbulent times recently losing much of its market share to rivals Intel (INTC) amongst challenging times in the PC market. Over the past eleven months Advanced Micro Devices shares have declined from over $4 in August 2014 to its current valuation of less than $2 and Year-to-Date stock performance is -32.58%. Over the past three months in particular, AMD shares were in freefall dropping 28%.

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Algorithmic Breakdown Of AMD Points To A Bearish Short-Term Outlook


  • AMD gained market share for x86 processors - not as impressive as it might sound.
  • Computing and Graphics division head leaving to seek better opportunities raises doubt.amd
  • Company shares plunge while semiconductor indexes soar.
  • Algorithmic analysis points to a price decline in the next few days.
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) was once a brand name known to anyone who knew anything about computers. In a very similar manner to Microsoft the company failed to adjust its key business operations according to the changing PC-Mobile market. In the articles, we share with you our three-day, 14-day and one-month forecasts. AMD has been very bearish in the 3 time horizon.

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