Blackberry Stock Predictions For 2015

In our previous article, after receiving strong bearish blackberry stock predictionssignals for Blackberry (BBRY) we recommended to short sell the stock in the one-month horizon. This eventually materialized to a decline of over 10% and a nice short profit. The problem was that Blackberry had no estimable value, rather very speculative guesses by the market and investors. Recent rumors that Samsung (005930.KS) might be pursuing Blackberry patents might add enough implied value to make the stock an interesting investment.

Why Blackberry Is Worth Looking At

Every piece of information we receive has a meaning, sometimes more valuable and sometimes less. When the news broke out that Samsung was bidding on Blackberry it was a much more significant event than most people realized. In fact, the information was the first estimate as to what the company’s worth might actually be in the future. Below are some obvious and simple conclusions, assuming the bid was real - which has recently been confirmed by various sources.

IBM Is Undervalued And Provides Vast Upside In 2015: Algorithmic Analysis


  • IBM has shifted to new software driven businesses, focusing on higher margins and value.
  • The company’s fourth quarter earnings are notalgorithmic analysis as bad as they appear at first glance, and are part of the transition.
  • Strong partnerships with recognizable companies provide credibility and opportunities to IBM’s new business units.
  • A DCF valuation and algorithmic analysis show that IBM is greatly undervalued in the long term.
The current technological landscape has changed rapidly in the last few years, severely affecting legacy IT companies such as International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM). The emergence of AS-a-Service represents a fundamentally disruptive series of impacts to the traditional IT and business services industry. Adapting to this new economic environment means IBM must transition the company, shifting the focus away from consulting, design, and implementation of one-off IT systems. Big Blue has recognized the changing environment and has made steps to do so.

Under Ginni Rometty, who became CEO in 2012, IBM has rapidly shifted its business portfolio, investing in what she calls strategic imperatives. These new businesses the company has earmarked for growth are Watson, cloud, security, services, systems, commerce, and analytics. At the same time, it has sold off businesses that generated several billion dollars in revenue but lost money or barely broke even in its attempt to focus on areas where it sees the most value.

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