Netflix Stock Prediction: Algorithmic Analysis

I Know First was correctly able to predict the rise of Netflix’s stock price since the last earnings report. In this forecast from January 15th, 2015, Netflix was included as one of the top 10 tech stocks to buy in the three month time horizon. The company had a signal strength of 38.73 and a predictability indicator of 0.3. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 46.64% since that time. netflix stock prediction

Intel Stock Forecast: Bullish Outlook After PC Market Bottomed Out

Intel's decent earnings report performance during the previous quarter shows that its strategy to decrease reliance on the PC market is paying off, and that the stock price is poised to break out in the future. I Know First published an article on March 27th predicting that the stock price was set to start climbing, and it has already increased over 10% since that time and will continue climbing higher. Intel stock forecast

BlackBerry Stock Predictions For Q2

During the last week of March, BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY) announced its earnings report from the most recent quarter. While the company surprised market analysts with adjusted income per share of 4 cents, compared to a loss of 8 cents a year earlier, revenue continued to fall. After posting revenues of $976 million in the same quarter a year ago, it fell to just $660 million as BlackBerry sold only 1.6 million smartphones. While the falling revenue is disappointing to investors, the job the management team has done so far since taking over sets the company up as an interesting investing idea looking ahead to 2016. blackberry stock prediction

Apple Stock Predictions For Q2: An Algorithmic Analysis

Apple Stock Predictions

Apple announced the date for its 2015 second quarter earnings report, and will release its most latest quarterly figures and host a live conference call on Monday, April 27th. Continued rapid sales of the new iPhones, deeper expansion into the enterprise segment, and an increase in the capital expenditure program mean Apple is still bullish looking ahead to the end of the month, and should continue trending higher afterwards. Apple also has a very reasonable valuation, with a forward P/E ratio of only 14, below that of the S&P 500 even though the company is experiencing revenue growth because of strong iPhone sales. Along with the first information surrounding the Apple Watch, the earnings report on April 27th is sure to be filled with promising information, and the stock price is set to soar as a result. apple stock prediction for q2

Yingli Solar Stock Forecast: An Algorithmic Analysis

Yingli Solar Stock Forecast

  • Yingli Solar’s stock price has fallen over 50% since the end of June, partly because of falling oil prices.
  • Oil prices and solar stocks should have no correlation, meaning the stock is undervalued.
  • Solar energy companies like Yingli Solar will have plenty of room for growth as demand in China grows to meet renewable energy targets.
  • I Know First’s algorithm is very bullish for Yingli Solar in the one-month and three-month time horizons.
  • Yingli Solar Stock forecast

AMAT Stock Forecast: An Interesting Portfolio Expansion With Growth Potential

AMAT Stock Forecast

  • The company took part in the series B funding round for RayVio, a leading UV LED solutions company.amat stock forecast
  • The company’s healthcare solutions might prove to be a huge growth assets in the long run, and a very smart investment today.
  • Both algorithm and analysts agree this is a bullish investment.
The stock has shown very solid and stable growth since 2012, at a time in which it traded at around $10 a share. Recently the price dropped from $25 to $22.5, representing a decline of 10% in the last month and a half. This presents a solid entry point for a long term value investment in Applied Materials. The recent dip could also benefit for an upward correction, which is indicated by the 1 month bullish signals of the algorithm. This investment in RayVio represents the 62nd company the venture group has invested in during the last 10 years, for a total capital investment of $190 million.

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MU Stock Forecast: An Algorithmic Analysis

MU Stock Forecast

Micron Technology, Inc. (MU), based in Boise, Idaho, makes MU stock forecastdynamic random-access memory (DRAM), NAND flash memory chips, image sensors and other components, and memory modules. The stock was a huge winner in 2014, as the stock price increased nearly 60%, well above the average return for the S&P 500. However, the stock has struggled so far this year, with share prices falling more than 20%. The dip in the stock’s performance might not be done yet, either, as the company has forecasted lower than expected guidance for the current quarter, but a buying opportunity could present itself in the future for patient investors.

Microsoft Stock Price: Bullish Trends Anticipated – An Algorithmic Perspective

Microsoft Stock Price
  • Microsoft Corporation, an American multinational microsoft stock news, has become widely known for Office, Xbox, MSN, and other offerings
  • While Nadella’s Microsoft delivered where revenue and EPS are concerned, investors found FY15 Q2 results disappointing, particularly with respect to Windows; as such, Microsoft share prices have declined
  • While sentiment may not presently be too bullish, Microsoft has its positives: specifically, its solid financial improvements, novel leadership, and entrance into emerging technologies are all assets
  • The I Know First algorithm predicts bullish trends for Microsoft in the three-month time frame
  • Algorithmic Perspective

    Microsoft’s position on the algorithmic chart indicates a strongly bullish signal for the company in the three months to come; in the short term, of course, this signal may not be as accurate, but this appears to coincide well with the hold recommendations discussed in the article. Microsoft Corporation appears to still be a stock to watch. While investors may well have been disappointed at FY15 Q2’s Windows-related results, the remainder of the corporation’s financial results in FY15 Q2 were successful: revenue and EPS improved, with key consumer products and services seeing improvements in terms of sales and subscriptions