The New Workforce: The Impact of AI on Human Investors

The Impact of AI on Human Investors

Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.” – Yann LeCun


  • A growing fear in the financial sector is that robots will soon replace quantitative hedge fund managers and traders.
  • Potential uses for AI within the financial sector include ‘Algo-trading’ and portfolio management.
  • To date very few financial institutions are confident to grant full managerial control to a machine.
  • The I Know First Market Prediction System models and predicts the flow of money between the markets.

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Artificial Intelligence Applications and the Stock Market

Zachary Okun is a Junior Financial Analyst at I Know First.

Artificial Intelligence: Applications and the Stock Market

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Introduction
  • What is AI
  • AI in Silicon Valley
  • Three uses for AI
  • Deeper look into Watson and DeepMind
  • I Know First and AI
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Apple Stock Predictions: Apple Is A Safe, Valuable Long-Term Investment (AAPL)

Apple has a bearish signal strength over the near-term, which makes sense considering some of the company's struggles in China. However, the company should rebound and start increasing over the long-term as the struggles in China are addressed, and the company's safe position leads to thriving earnings reports moving forward. Continue buying this stock before earnings reports, as Apple remains a great investment choice, even for future income investors. Forecast

Apple Stock Forecast For Q4: How To Trade Apple During The Rest Of The Year (AAPL)

With Apple confirming that its next big event will take place on September 9th, now is a good time to take a look at the iPhone maker. During the upcoming event, new products can be expected, such as a revamped iPhone. But Apple might also surprise customers and investors alike with an unexpected product. With Tim Cook acting as company CEO for four years now, it is possible to accurately judge the job he has done, and Apple should be a good investment choice sometime in the near future. iPhone 6s

Google Stock Predictions: Google Will Continue M&A, Just Under A New Name

  • Alphabet is a gateway drug to more acquisitions in the upcoming stock forecast
  • Short summary of the sort of companies Google has acquired this year, and will likely continue to go after in the near future.
  • Algorithmic analysis indicates GOOG as a no go in the short term, but attractive long term.
The transition from acquisitions through Google to Alphabet Despite focus on reduced spending, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) still went ahead with some daring acquisitions this year. These include: Pixate, Timeful, Tilt Brush, Thrive Audio, Red Hot labs, Softcard, Odysee, and Launchpad Toys. Alphabet – Google's new holding company - is now going to be the main acquisition vehicle, at least for major companies.

LinkedIn Analysis: Highly Undervalued with Promising Potential (LNKD)

  • The amount of LinkedIn profiles has nearly hit 400 million.
  • User engagement is growing fast, thus demonstrating that members are finding LinkedIn more useful.
  • The acquisition of LinkedIn has effectively eliminated all serious competition.
  • Has become a hit amongst student and young professionals thereby indicating that time is on their side.
  • I Know First’s algorithmic analysis has forecasted bullish long-term evaluations for LNKD stock.
LinkedIn (LNKD) is a business-orientated social network mainly used for professional networking. LNKD stock plummeted at the end of April after its quarterly results report and, despite stronger second quarter results, LinkedIn shares have noticeably not manage to rally back to anywhere near their previous levels and are down 18.65% year-to-date. LNKD is now currently valued at $186.88 – a one year low. 1

Costco Stock Forecast: An Algorithmic Analysis (COST)

I Know First published a bullish article on Costco, the second largest retail company in the United States. Having explained how I Know First’s algorithm works, it is worthwhile to see if the algorithm agrees with the bullish fundamental analysis of the company. The three-month and one-year forecasts for Costco are included. costco stock forecast