Artificial Intelligence Applications and the Stock Market

Zachary Okun is a Junior Financial Analyst at I Know First.

Artificial Intelligence: Applications and the Stock Market

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Introduction
  • What is AI
  • AI in Silicon Valley
  • Three uses for AI
  • Deeper look into Watson and DeepMind
  • I Know First and AI
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I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: November 23rd, 2020

I Know First Weekly Newsletter
Investment Selection Using AI Predictive Algorithm
November 23, 2020

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Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading – Now And in The Future

This article was written by Maria Grishaev, Analyst at I Know First.

Executive Summary

In the last decade, the usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence based trading algorithms grew with the rapid development of computational powers. It makes everyone to wonder - do we take the maximum advantage technology gives us or not. In this article I’m going to discuss the current trend of usage and what are the challenges we are going to need to overcome in order to utilize all the benefits of this advanced technology.

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AI vs Technical Analysis: Can AI Improve Your Stock Trading Strategies?

This article on Using AI in Stock Trading Strategies is written by Clarence Toh, an analyst at I know First Ltd.


  • Technical Analysis done by humans can be filled with error and biases
  • The presence of AI in finance is growing
  • I Know First algorithm has a major contribution to AI and Technical Analysis in absence of human bias

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Neural Networks Pave a Way in Finance

This article was written by Megan Gomberg, a student at the University of Illinois.

When I think of neural networks, I typically begin to picture a stream of fast-moving neurons all around the brain. How these neurons interact with each other and the surrounding cells effect our everyday constant decisions and actions taken each day. The neural network system that relates to finance consists of a certain artificial intelligence sequence that attempts to mimic the human brain. 


What it is: 

Neural Networks are computing systems with interconnected nodes that work

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The New Workforce: The Impact of AI on Human Investors

The Impact of AI on Human Investors

Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.” – Yann LeCun


  • A growing fear in the financial sector is that robots will soon replace quantitative hedge fund managers and traders.
  • Potential uses for AI within the financial sector include ‘Algo-trading’ and portfolio management.
  • To date very few financial institutions are confident to grant full managerial control to a machine.
  • The I Know First Market Prediction System models and predicts the flow of money between the markets.

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Apple Stock Predictions: Apple Is A Safe, Valuable Long-Term Investment (AAPL)

Apple has a bearish signal strength over the near-term, which makes sense considering some of the company's struggles in China. However, the company should rebound and start increasing over the long-term as the struggles in China are addressed, and the company's safe position leads to thriving earnings reports moving forward. Continue buying this stock before earnings reports, as Apple remains a great investment choice, even for future income investors.