SIVB Stock Forecast: an Expanding Niche Bank in the Banking Industry

motek 1This SIVB stock forecast article was written by Yutong Li – Analyst at I Know First, Master's candidate at Brandeis University.


  • SIVB stock has grown by 51.32% since January 2021
  • Based on the company’s robust balance sheet in 2021Q2, SVB's average assets have reached $151 billion and average client funds have reached $308 billion
  • SVB Financial Group has competitive financial advantages with an ROE of 19.76% and a net margin of 35.81%, outperforming 93% and 84% of companies in the industry
  • The company is well-positioned for massive growth as a premier lender for startups and innovation companies, and the target price for SIVB will hit $620 for the upcoming year
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    AT&T Time Warner Deal: Time Warner Cable (TWX) Merger with AT&T: “Too Big” to Exist?


    This article was written by Esther Hanon, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.



    Image result for time warner at&t

    [Source: CNN Money, April 24th, 2018]

    Time Warner Cable and AT&T Battle the DOJ In Response to Potential Merger: 

    “Netflix, Amazon and Google have enormous potential to bring new content to consumers but for at least many years to come, they have to go through AT&T and Comcast to get to their customers.That gives AT&T enormous market power.”

    --  Gene Kimmelman, a former antitrust attorney for the DOJ


    • AT&T for months has been facing off against the Department of Justice which is seeing to block its merger deal with Time Warner, which controls channels like HBO, CNN, and Warner Bros. Studios.
    • AT&T says the deal would allow it to compete with firms, like Netflix and Amazon, which are seeking to dominate online streaming. The government is arguing the combination would give AT&T too much power and ultimately would lead to higher prices for consumers.
    • Chief Executive Randall Stephenson tells a judge the DOJ's antitrust claims against AT&T's purchase of Time Warner Inc. were “absurd” rejecting the government’s arguments that the enlarged company would use its powers to raise prices.
    • The Justice Department is arguing that the AT&T-Time Warner merger ultimately will means consumers will pay more — 45 cents a month more, according to its calculations. AT&T said those calculations are wrong

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