Stock Picking Based on Algorithms: Return up to 137.08% in 3 Months

Stock Picking

This Stocks forecast is designed for investors and analysts who need predictions of the best performing stocks for the whole Energy Industry (See Industry Package). It includes 20 stocks with bullish and bearish signals and indicates the best tech stocks to buy:

  • Top 10 best energy stocks for the long position
  • Top 10 best energy stocks for the short position

EnergyPackage Name: Energy Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 3 Months (03/03/16– 06/03/16)
I Know First Average: 48.28%

Stock Picking

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With 8 out of 10 top stocks increasing as predicted and outstanding returns coming from these stocks, this mid-term forecast from the Energy package was able to achieve overall growth of 48.28% compared to the S&P 500’s 5.67% growth for the same period. The most impressive stock picks from this forecast were DNR returning 137.08%, DWSN returning 82.46%, MCF returning 66.86%, CLR returning 66.49%, and CNX returning 65.71%.

Denbury Resources Inc. (DNR) operates as an independent oil and natural gas company in the United States. The company primarily focuses on enhanced oil recovery utilizing carbon dioxide. DNR stock prices have been following oil prices as they have advanced and declined recently. For this 3 month period, the company saw impressive growth but the stock has slumped again with dropping oil prices.

Algorithmic traders utilize these daily forecasts by the I Know First market prediction system as a tool to enhance portfolio performance, verify their own analysis and act on market opportunities faster. This forecast was sent to current I Know First algorithmic traders.

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