Stock Market Forecast: Major Market Risks And Opportunities

Stock Market Forecast: Summary

  • US, Greece and China are all still viable investment opportunities.
  • China’s momentum investors are scaring value investors and attracting speculators.
  • Greece is claiming bankruptcy, but they do not seem to act on it.
  • US markets are playing along but remain the best of the worst for value investors.

Global markets are completely out of control. Is there any sense really left in investing when emotional buying and selling is the only driver of investment? It is hard to say, but some things are certain – this is not the equity paradise of 2010-2014 anymore.

I Know First released a much deeper analysis of the Q3 and Q4 for the US in the recent article “Stock Market Forecast For Q3 And Q4 2015 Based On Algorithms“. Since the publication on May 12th our long term signals have strengthened for all exchanges, suggesting that the US is currently perhaps one of the few remaining long term value investment markets. Data is taken from I Know First’s interactive forecast chart which predicts whether markets will rise or fall in the one year horizon.

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